Providers fight rumors of new consumption bans after water crisis

A representative for NWWSD posted this comment on its Facebook page about the rumors.

Two Toledo area water providers are now trying to dispel rumors of new consumption bans of tap water following a ban earlier this month.

On Tuesday, representatives for the City of Toledo and the Northwestern Water and Sewer District both posted statements on Facebook addressing the rumors.

"If you have heard rumors about a water ban, it's rumors. There has been no indication that microcystin levels are high in our tap water, the last test results that were in were low enough to be considered "non-detect," a spokesperson wrote on the

City of Toledo's Facebook page


A representative for the Northwestern Water and Sewer District similarly posted on Tuesday, "As of 2:50 pm today (8/19/2014) rumors that Oregon water is unsafe are NOT true. NWWSD Superintendent has confirmed with the Oregon Water Treatment Plant Superintendent that the water they are producing is safe."

Neither post said where the rumors began but may have resulted following a close call at the Collins Water Treatment plant over the weekend.

On Saturday, test results found that levels of microcystin were close to but not more than acceptable levels for consumption.

Extra chemicals were added and according to Toledo officials there was no need for another consumption ban.

In early August, areas that get their water from the City of Toledo were ordered not to consume the tap water because microcystin levels were found to be above acceptable levels.

After three days, the ban was lifted when microcystin levels were determined to no longer be a risk .