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      "PUSH" Program helping students with real life problems

      T here's a new program in one Toledo public school that's changing lives each day. It's called the "PUSH" program, and is used at Leverette Elementary School.

      T he program bridges the communication gap between some students who come from a rough backgrounds, and teachers and staff who may not relate.

      T he program's creator, Deonte' Moss understands the problems many of students are facing, "feeling not wanted, being in foster care, being separated from my siblings. I've dealt with a lot of stuff that caused me to have coping mechanisms that weren't so good like class clowning," explains Moss.

      T he program is funded by the YMCA which also employs Moss. His "PUSH" program was given a $30,000 grant to operate at Leverette elementary.

      M oss says in his five years working at the school he has seen school suspensions drop from 300 in his first year to just 8 so in the school year.