QR code coasters help drunk people find a ride

The coaster QR code will pull up a list of numbers for near-by taxis when scanned.

Michigan bars will team up with the Office of Highway Safety Planning this weekend to help customers who've had a few find a safe ride home.

More than 500 establishments around the state will serve drinks on coasters with QR codes for St. Patrick's Day weekend. When scanned by a smartphone, the "Quick Response" code pulls up a list of cab services in the area.

According to a Michigan State Police release, officials hope the coasters will appeal to the younger crowd since men aged 21-34 make up 40 percent of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes .

"The goal, always, is to encourage motorists to be safe and responsible when behind the wheel," said Michael L. Prince, director of OHSP. "The coasters are meant to reinforce this important message."

For the first time, OHSP is incorporating a nearly three-week spring drunk driving crackdown in its traffic safety efforts. Federal traffic safety funds will be used to support the additional enforcement.

Do you think the effort will encourage the younger crowd to not drink and drive? Weigh in below.

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