Questions raised about how suspect in deadly shooting got gun

N ew details have emerged about the hours leading up to the murders of a mother and her 3 year old son in Lake Township.

R esidents like Jennifer Maenle heard the shots and knows one of the victims, Steve Brown, "Steve was very active with the children and he was out there teaching them how to play football and was just real active with them," explains Maenle.

B rown , along with two other people survived the shooting. The ex- girlfriend of the shooter and their child died.

C hief Mark Hummer tells WNWO news, Jorge Duran, Jr. purchased the gun he used about an hour before the murders.

C hief Hummer says its unsettling that Duran was able to get the gun that easily at the Bass Pro Shops in Rossford because he had no criminal record, "Is it a little disconcerting that a gun was this easily procured legally prior to an event like this? So yes, obviously, there's going to be some concern there."

B ass Pro Shops says in addition to background checks if their employees feel suspicious about a gun buyer, they'll reject the application.

D espite those measures - there's no state law requiring tougher standards.