Race day arrives for thousands at Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon

Robin Mower finished her first marathon in under four hours.

Thousands of runners, walkers, and everything in between descend upon the University of Toledo Sunday morning for the 37th Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon.

Evan Gaynor, of Perrysburg, crossed the Men's Marathon finish first, with a time of 2:20. Kristin Begg, of Toledo, won the Women's Marathon. Julius Kiptoo took top honors for the Men's Half Marathon, while Christina Murphy topped all women in the half.

ALS-stricken, Robin Mower, finished her first marathon in under four hours. She was pushed in a wheelchair by her friend, Dr. Jeff Galvin, who ran to raise funds for The Blazeman Foundation of ALS.

Prior to the 7 a.m. start, participants stopped for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

A banner commemorating the unity between the Glass City and Boston races greeted those inside the Glass Bowl. Runners were given commemorative wristbands with the words "Runners United" and in the blue and yellow colors of the Boston Marathon.

Law enforcement teams from the city of Toledo, Ottawa Hills, Sylvania Township, city of Sylvania, and the University of Toledo reviewed all security measures to help ensure the safety of all runners and spectators throughout Sunday's marathon course.

WNWO's LIVE coverage of Sunday's events on-air and online, runs from 6:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

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