Rape sentencing erupts into riot inside Lucas County court

A sentencing hearing turned into a riot inside a Lucas County courtroom Wednesday leaving 6 people in handcuffs.

Toledo Police say Judge Linda Jennings was in the process of handing down a 21-year prison sentence to Anthony Mitchell, 16, for an Aggravated Burglary and Rape conviction, when members of his family began causing a disturbance in the courtroom.

After the unruly party was removed from the courtroom, they continued to become disorderly by making threats and yelling profanities at the victim and law enforcement officials. Arrested at the scene - on charges that include Aggravated Rioting, Menacing, and Resisting arrest - were Antoine Pernell, 35; Myesha Newton, 19; Anthony Mitchell. 39; Sonia Nieto, 24; Angel Bowman, 25; and Markella Lawrence, 30.

Nieto was arrested on an additional charge of Assault on Police Officer for jumping on the back of a female Toledo Police detective.

Mitchell was sentenced after being found guilty of breaking into a woman's Toledo apartment before robbing and raping her. Authorities say Mitchell gained entry to the woman's apartment by telling her he was selling candles for a fundraiser.