Rare animal spotted in Northwest Ohio

Birder Ryan Lesniewicz sent WNWO this picture from Port Clinton, Oh

Midwest birdwatchers have recently been treated to rare visits from the arctic Snowy Owl.

According to published reports; the owl has been spotted in areas of Ohio near Columbus and Port Clinton; as well as surrounding states including Indiana, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Kimberly Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory tells WNWO that Snowy Owls are â??vary rare visitorsâ?? to the area.

â??This has been an exceptional year, and there have been numerous reports of these gorgeous birds of the arctic tundra showing up across the Midwest,â?? Kaufman said.

Kaufman said that she was able to show over 100 birders a rare sight in Port Clinton.

â??This particular bird was in a wonderful spot for sharing it with others, and we did that all day long.â??