Reading on the roof of the library

Barack Obama rallied supporters on the library's roof during his campaign

I've done my research with this week's Green Report. I've found a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Toledo with a natural setting, right in the heart of the downtown area. And it might surprise you where it is.

Bobbie Patridge works at Toledo's Main Branch library. And any chance she gets, she goes up on the roof to get a little closer to the outside world.

The landscaped rooftop is called the Civic Plaza. It gives you a panoramic view of the city. the park-like setting consists of a one-half acre of grass, safe walkways, attractive benches, and plenty of room for events. In fact, President-Elect Obama made a campaign stop here. This rustic roof is really one of a kind here and across the nation. But as project organizers tell you, there's plenty of "smarts" coming out of a library and what goes into one as well.

If you want to find out more about the Civic Plaza, or perhaps, rent out the space, feel free to call 419-259-5282. The area can hold up to 500 people.