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      Records: Mom of 2 dead Ottawa teens found blood, gun at home

      Blake and Blaine Romes

      New details about what a Putnam County mother found inside her home when she discovered her teenaged sons were missing.

      The Findlay Courier reports that 9-1-1 records show the mother of 14-year-old Blaine Romes and 17-year-old Blake Romes discovered a gun and lots of blood inside their trailer home.

      The woman says she returned home from work early Thursday to check on them when she could not get a hold of her sons.

      That's when she realized her sons and another 17-year-old, Michael Fay and a car were missing.

      The bodies of the romes brothers were found hours later in two separate locations in Ottawa.

      Fay is in custody but just charged with auto theft.