Recount needed in Toledo City Council election

The election will be officially certified on December 11.

It's too close of a call to determine who gets the last two seats for Toledo City Council.

The Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) certified results Monday from the General Election held Nov. 5. The vote totals are so close in the race for Toledo City Council that a recount will be required.

With 12 candidates running for six open seats, a total of 219,116 votes were cast in the race (one voter could vote for up to six candidates). The top six vote-getters would be elected. The top four in total votes were Rob Ludeman, Jack Ford, Sandy Spang and Steven Steel, but the difference between fifth place and seventh place came down to less than 100 votes.

The numbers from the Lucas County BOE:

5th Place: Theresa Gabriel 19,370

6th Place: Larry Sykes 19,282

7th Place: Adam Martinez 19,277

That means as of now, the difference between winning a seat came down to just five votes, with incumbent Adam Martinez appearing to lose his seat. However, an automatic recount has been scheduled as required by law if the difference is less than 0.5 percent of the total vote.

The recount will involve members of the board of election randomly drawing a number of precincts. Then on December 5, BOE staff will then hand count ballots from these precincts until they reach 5 percent of the total vote. As long as the count matches results already recorded, the election will be officially certified on December 11.

A recount is also required to determine the fourth and final seat up for grabs for Ottawa Hills Village Council. The currently tally has Robert Reichert beating Edward Shimborske by just a single vote (570 to 569).

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