Red Cross gives out free flood cleanup kits

<p> <font size="2">Projects to divert flood water may start as early as spring of next year.</font> </p>

Houses, cars, and roads were all under water just before Christmas.

The American Red Cross has been assisting anyone that needs help, and they are also giving out free, flood clean-up kits.

"We had six families that we took care of, finding them some overnight shelter because they couldn't get back in their homes," said Todd James, with Red Cross.

James said it's important to properly clean up after a flood, especially when it comes to disinfecting all areas affected because of mildew, mold, and other health concern it may cause.

The kits offer cleaning essentials, like bleach, gloves, mops and brooms.

Many roads that were close throughout Elmore and Oak Harbor have now been re-open.

Crews have been working to spread salt, and break up any ice left over on area roads, in order to stop ice from becoming the next problem.

Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik says it's time something be done about the flooding.

"We need some more progress, and we need to get these plans in place so that we can start doing real projects, so that our citizens are happy."

Projects to divert flood water may start as early as spring of next year.

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