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      Red light camera decision postponed again

      W ill red light cameras in Northwood stay or go? Northwood city council was to make a decision on the future of the cameras at their meeting. But, that didn't happen.

      J ust like the last council meeting on May 9th, a decision was postponed because their weren't enough votes thanks to an absent member.

      W hile the future of the cameras is unknown, something is more clear, "the system is operational, but there will not be any tickets issued now or retroactively if the council passes the red light camera contract," explains Northwood city administrator Bob Anderson.

      A t stake is whether the city will extend it's contract with red flex , the company that runs the cameras.

      S ome drivers are split on the decision to keep the cameras, " I think they can do away with the red light camera, all of it," says Bonnie Rozmus.

      D river Cliff Baker supports the cameras, "I like the cameras, I know this doesn't go along with a lot of people, but it sure deters people running red lights, having accidents."

      S ince a decision couldn't be made Thursday night, city council could make a decision at their next meeting on June 13th.