Red light cameras could officially be history in Northwood


ed light cameras in
Northwood. Will they stay or will they go? That's the question that has been hanging around for over a month. City council has the ultimate say.


he last time the issue of red light cameras in
Northwood was in the spotlight was on May 23rd. At the time, it was expected city council would make a decision, but they didn't. So what has been going on since then? "They've kind of made a decision by not doing anything," says City Administrator Bob Anderson.

The decision for not doing anything


placed the future of the cameras further in limbo."


he ordinance to sign the contract with red flex has been tabled and
I expect that our next meeting which is tomorrow night it will remain on the table," explains Anderson.


hile the can

, being the cameras, is kicked further down the road, some drivers already have their minds made up on their future, "I'd be happy to see them go," says driver Craig Bloomer. According to Anderson, so would some council members, "I kind of informally talked to some of the council people I know of at least 4 of them that are dead set against renewing the contract."


he future of red light cameras are also being debated in
Columbus. City leaders say regardless of what happens in the state capital, Northwood leaders are debating what's best for the city, and that includes hearing from motorists. "I think a police officer needs to see you running the red light," says Bloomer.


he issue of red light cameras in
Northwood could come up Thursday night at Northwood's city council meeting.