Redevelopment plans around Fifth Third Field

The Lucas County Planning Commission is considering redevelopment plans around Fifth Third Field.

TOLEDO - The Toledo Mud Hens are looking to make some improvements to the area around Fifth Third Field.

Team officials met with the Lucas County Planning Commission Tuesday to discuss redeveloping some buildings and demolishing others in the area of the downtown ballpark.

Some of the buildings were acquired by the Hens and have been empty for decades. The redevelopment proposal calls for a $10-$15 million expansion and renovation.

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Team officials say this project will be a perfect addition to the team and to downtown Toledo.

â??Unfortunately, one of the buildings on the property has to be demolished and itâ??s really with a heavy heart that we approach this,â?? said Joe Napoli, president and general manager of the Mud Hens and Walleye. â??All kinds of perspectives just canâ??t make it economically viable,â?? he said.

The buildings on Saint Clair Street include the Old Spangler Candy Company and the Consumers Plumbing building.