Regional food company eager to move into Erie St. Market

Nicholas Bloom, CEO of Sustainable Foods, is eager for his company to set up shop inside the Erie Street Market. "We plan on growing your lettuce, beets, greans and basil," Mr. Bloom said. Sustainable Local Foods grows produce indoors and sells them to grocery stores and restaurants in Michigan and Ohio. Bloom says once the Erie Street Market facility is up and running 5500 heads of lettuce will be produced weekly.

The company is awaiting approval from Toledo city council to lease the space. Bill Burkett is the Commissioner of Economic Development for the city of Toledo. "City council will be seeing a draft ordinance next week requesting authorization for the mayor to enter into a lease agreement with Sustainable Local Foods," Mr. Burkett said.

Burkett's office is also in preliminary discussions with the president of the Lucky's Market national grocery chain about renting the vacant space in the south end of the Erie Street Market.