Relief over approval of bus levy in Perrysburg

North Toledo resident Ernie Brancheau was thrilled when he heard the news that Perrysburg voters approved the .8 mill transportation levy on Tuesday. "This means that I will be able to get to my medical apointments," Mr. Brancheau said. Brancheau undergoes physical therapy three times a week at the Fort Meigs YMCA. Until last year he relied on TARTA to get to the rehab center. But after Perrysburg opted out of TARTA Brancheau has had to utilize a much more expensive option to get from his house in North Toledo to the Fort Meigs YMCA. "Medicaid pays $680 a week for me to be transported by ambulette versus the $9 it used to cost me using public transportation," Mr. Brancheau said.

Perrysburg mayor Nelson Evans says the city is close to signing a contract with Ride Right to provide the bus service. "As fast as Ride Right can get there people here, set up an office and get their buses it will happen," Mayor Evans said.

The final vote was 2.353 in favor of the levy; 919 against.

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