Remains of Bones the dog found

In 2011, "Bones" was held in police custody in New York as evidence in a homicide, and was to be euthanized, until The Lexus Project stepped in to help.

"We are an advocate for dogs on death row," says Robin Mittasch, Director of the Lexus Project.

Robin worked to have Bones spared, and he was eventually sent to Toledo where he was to undergo rehabilitation for any aggression he may have.

"We wound up sending Bones to this woman "Kat" Sutter in Toledo, Ohio," says Robin.

Sutter's organization, called the Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue Inc. was run out of her former residence at 4905 Luann Ave. in Toledo. The garage of the residence had been converted in to a kennel.

Robin says, in the beginning, everything seemed to be going well, saying, "We got monthly updates. There were pictures, videos, updates on Facebook, and we were pleased with the progress."

But on January 5, 2012, Kathy Sutter reported that Bones had been stolen. However Robin said something about the story was off.

She says, "Out of all the dogs in the kennel, she said at the time there were 12 or 13... a lot... he was the only one taken."

Sunday, almost nine months later, a tip led to remains being dug up in the back yard of that former rescue on Luann. A microchip was scanned and confirmed it was bones.

Animal advocate and local volunteer John Gibbs says that the dog's death was suspected in the beginning.

Gibbs was the person who responded to the tip and dug up the remains of Bones, wrapped in a blanket.

The dog was said to have died due to neglect, specifically starvation. Bones was 130lbs when he was rescued, the remains pulled from the ground were said to be an animal weighing only about 50lbs.

Sutter's rescue is still operating, but from a new location on Fremont Pike in Perrysburg.

There are beware of dog, no trespassing, and private property signs everywhere.

WNWO's Chris Delcamp approached the residence, but Kathy came to the door and shook her finger at him implying that he go away.

A neighbor at her former location on Luann, which is now empty... told me that Kathy had her son bury Bones-the-dog in the back yard. Her son died in an accident last month.

But the story may get worse.

"According to the specifics, including Bones, the number was three[buried in the yard], but more than likely, a lot more," says Gibbs.

WNWO was also told that "Sasha," a malamute who went missing September, 2012 is also buried in the back yard under the shed.

The Lexus Project is now trying to get a court order to further dig in that back yard.

They are also exploring what legal avenues they are going to take, but they say the laws in Ohio are very lax when it comes to animal abuse.

Kathy Sutter's website still has the story of Bones posted, and says you can still donate so that he can get a new "jolly ball."