Remains of more dogs presumed found behind home where missing canine buried

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Days after the discovery of a missing dog's remains buried behind a Toledo home, the remains of even more dogs have been found in the same backyard.

WNWO was at the scene Wednesday evening as searchers resumed their digging behind the former west Toledo residence of Kathy Sutter. The woman is said to have ran a rescue at the property.

On Sunday, the remains of "Bones," a 130-pound dog argentino was found buried on the property. An animal defense group had sent the dog to Sutter after it was cleared from it's involvement in a 2011 NYC murder. Sutter reported the dog missing earlier this year; however, its remains were found at her property Sunday.

After the discovery, Sutter sent an eviction notice to the Luann Ave. home's current residents, who have until Thursday morning to vacate the premises.

The home's current residents alerted volunteers, who then arrived at the property Wednesday, they should continue searching for animal remains immediately.

By Wednesday evening, volunteers discovered at least six bags containing what is presumed to be the remains of one large animal and possibly many smaller dogs or kittens.

Sutter has denied the remains found Monday are that of 'Bones' and maintains that he was stolen. She was not at the property Wednesday as volunteers discovered additional bags with what is believed to be animal remains.

WNWO will have more on this developing story on WNWO News at 11 p.m.