Reports that Toledo is #3 for burglaries is inaccurate

Reports on other local media said that Toledo is the number three city in the country when it comes to burglaries. WNWO looked into that statistic.

"There is a little bit more to the numbers than what was reported there," says TPD PIO Joe Heffernan.

That number three ranking was reportedly taken from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting website.

WNWO found that, in 2012, Toledo was actually number eight, with 2,352 burglaries for every 100,000 residents.

The city did have some of the highest numbers for burglaries in 2011 at over 8,300.

Heffernan says, "We had some tough times here. Record low number of officers, and tough economics times. That's a recipe for crime."

For 2012, it was down to about 6,700.

Incidentally, the FBI website doesn't list the best or worst, it simply lists the cities in alphabetical order, along with the stats.

When we did the math (population/100,000=x, burglaries=y, y/x= rate).

At number eight, Toledo is still high on the list, but the rate has been consistently improving.

In June, half way through 2013, burglaries were down again, significantly.

"in 2012, to where we were half way in 2013, it's a 23% reduction," says Heffernan.

Police attribute the declining numbers to better efficiency, and more officers on the street.