Residents assess the damage after Perrysburg flooding

24 hours after soaking rains flooded Perrysburg homes, residents of the Brookhaven subdivision are trying to salvage what they can.

Outside piles of trash, once deemed prized household possessions, line the sidewalks and the entire contents of basements lay sprawled out front lawns.

Sukhwant Raju and his family live in Brookhaven, and are one of the subdivisions hardest hit.

Nearly a foot of water flooded their basement; Raju says the only thing that was salvageable was a couch

He told NBC 24 that the total cost of damage to his basement will easily exceed the thousands, but itâ??s the more personal losses that are hitting his family the hardest. Sukhwantâ??s wife Harginderâ??s silk wedding dress was destroyed along with many of her other clothes

Harginder says all she has left now is a small portion of wedding dress and a picture of her on her wedding day

Despite the losses the Raju family says his family will move on. He told us, possessions come and go but family lasts forever.