Residents dig out of latest snowfall

<font size="2">In some neighborhoods snow piles have grown as tall as people.</font>

Snow continues to accumulate throughout the Toledo-area, and residents once again grabbed their shovel to dig out of the frosty mess.

For Toledo residents, digging out of the snow has been the equivalent of a full-time job. Itâ??s a grind that is really beginning to take its toll.

â??Itâ??s a lot to shovel and throw down and shovel and throw down,â?? said Toledo resident Virginia Salazar. â??Youâ??ve got to get that first layer off, the second layer off, the third layer off before you actually get to your sidewalk.â??

Dripping icicles were welcome signs of warmer weather, but it wasnâ??t enough to convince Salazar that weâ??re out of the cold.

â??Itâ??s like youâ??re shoveling for nothing because then they throw another three inches on here, weather does,â?? said Salazar.

In some neighborhoods snow piles have grown as tall as people. Buried under those snow piles are frozen cars, on which drivers have spent precious minutes every day to clear off and warm up. Those who drive to work have faced a slippery commute.

â??I only live about five minutes from work and it takes me at least 20 minutes to get there,â?? said Salazar. â??Going through the (Anthony Wayne) Trail, with the potholes, the roads not being cleaned, it has just been crazy.â??

Itâ??s a kind of crazy that is forcing everyone to dig in and plow through.