Residents in a central Toledo neighborhood upset by vacant drug houses

Amanda Schaffner has lived in the 400 block of Park Street in Central Toledo for two years. Nine of the 23 homes on the block are unoccupied. The house directly across from Schaffner, 421 Park, is littered with empty beer and whisky bottles. Moreover the boards that had been covering the windows on the side of the house have been removed. Schaffner and other residents have observed illicit activity at the house. "I've seen people who look like they would be on drugs, trying to a drug deal, sitting on the porch waiting for a drug deal," Mrs. Schaffner said.

Phil Lawrence, who lives on the corner of Elm and Park ,has regularly observed illegal activity while sitting in hs front yard. "At night you can hear them arguing over drugs saying that's mine, no that's mine and sometimes they leave their stuff on my ledge," Mr. Lawrence said.