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      Residents not happy with city's water conservation request

      City officials are asking you to conserve your water for the entire summer.

      Commissioner of Public Utilities Don Moline says, by conserving water, residents will give chemists at the Collins treatment plant more time to make sure the water is safe.

      The plant currently uses three major chemicals to treat the water coming in from Lake Erie: Potassium Permanganate, Activated Carbon, and Chlorine. The more time the chemicals have to work the more effective they become.

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      Moline acknowledges a long term solution lies in ridding Lake Erie of toxic algae blooms but for the immediate future, this is the best plan. He says residents can conserve water by following a few simple practices such as taking shorter showers and fewer baths, only doing full loads of laundry, and avoiding watering lawns or washing cars as much as possible.

      Residents we talked to say they arenâ??t happy with the cityâ??s request. They say taking care of water is the city's responsibility and after dealing with a weekend of crisis, they're not willing to interrupt their daily routine any further