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      Residents plow through winter weather

      Bone-chilling weather continues to wreak havoc in Northwest Ohio, as area residents put up with the enduring snow and frigid temperatures.

      Shoveling snow from the sidewalk and driveway has become routine for Bowling Green resident Ray Lyman, who says itâ??s all part of living in the mid-west.

      â??Like everybody else Iâ??ve complained about the weather, but when it comes down to it itâ??s a minor irritation,â?? said Lyman. â??We have central heating, we have plenty of heat.â??

      Lyman also has the advantage of working from home as a freelance writer. For those who donâ??t have that luxury, commuting in the slippery streets has been troublesome.

      â??Iâ??m a victim of the horrible weather,â?? said Stephanie Longmyre, a student at Bowling Green State University. She continued, â??I actually donâ??t have my car here because I spun out when I was at home, so I hate driving in the snow.â??

      As the snow accumulates, so does the aggravation. Cars parked on designated â??Snow Emergencyâ?? streets in Bowling Green are at risk of being towed or ticketed by the city.

      Others in Maumee found a way to warm up to the heat, by sledding the hill at Side Cut Metropark. The only thing frozen on sledders was the smile on their faces. Fun on the hill plus a warm bonfire brought some gratitude for a winter that has packed a frosty attitude.