Residents report some progress on vacant houses in central Toledo

The city of Toledo has made multiple visits to a central Toledo neighborhood in the wake of a WNWO report about vacant houses being used by drug dealers and drug users. Last Tuesday residents on East Park Street told WNWO that some of the vacant houses on East Park Street between Elm and Chestnut were being used for illicit purposes. Resident Phil Lawrence says that last Friday city workers showed up at 8 a.m. to mow the grass and trim the hedges of several of these vacant homes. "It's amazing, the city came out here and thank you guys, I really appreciate that they did this, all the grass was mowed," Mr. Lawrence said.

Residents are now hoping that the city will turn their attention to 421 and 425 East Park Street. Both properties are vacant and the plywood has been removed from doors and windows at each house. The porch at 421 East Park is littered with dozens of empty beer and whiskey bottles. The workers that showed up on Friday to mow the grass did not remove the trash; they simply brushed it to the far corner of the porch.