Residents rescued from home by boat, Roads covered in water

Flooding in Sylvania Township, OH / Tim McMahon

Despite a lack of precipitation, for most of the day Wednesday, flooding was a major issue for residents across Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

In Sylvania Township, several roadways were either partially or completely covered with water.

The situation provided some local homeowners with an unwanted waterfront view and made several properties completely inaccessible by foot.

"Out of the19 homes that are on my street alone, 5 have left their homes. One had been evacuated, an elderly couple, by the fire department. They were taken out of their home by boat," Penny Levine of Herr Street said.

This week's water woes have also renewed residents' concerns on flooding at a 42 acre site approved, in 2007, for residential development.

"They've already had approval to build, but I don't know who would want to live here," Sylvania Township Trustee Kevin Haddad said.

On Wednesday, Levine estimated that water at the site could be as much as 4-feet deep in the worst spots.

Earlier this year, Haddad was part of an effort to localize storm water management.

I feel bad for the residents ~cause we are paying a tax into the county that we are not getting any benefit from," Haddad said. Another potential problem, according to Levine, is the nearby Ten Mile Creek.

It has not had any maintenance or any work close to it, said the Levine.

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