Residents review Springfield levy requests

Residents faced three options at the Springfield levy request meeting.

Springfield Schools held a community forum Wednesday to determine how much voters would agree to pay after several failed levy requests.

Residents faced three options at the meeting. Two of them would require the district to make cuts.

With a 6.9 or 8.9 mill levy, the district would need to reduce staff, which also includes funds for a mental health counselor or a school resource officer.

A 11.9 levy would help maintain current staffing conditions.

Results revealed 34 percent of attendees at the forum showed support for the 11.9 mill levy, while another 24 percent said they wouldn't support a levy at all.

Earlier this year, the district removed its 3.9 mill levy from the May ballot, citing the funds could not compensate for a 5-year budget deficit.

Administrators said the district faces a tough situation since it already has the lowest total revenue per students, the lowest state revenue per students and lowest administrative costs compared to other local school districts.

Voters could face another proposal in August.

Springfield Schools will have to renew a separate, and permanent renewal levy that expires this year, which could cost an owner of a $100,000 home just more than $41 a year.