Residents skeptical on city water

Itâ??s the latest battle in the saga of Toledoâ??s water crisis, a resolute city administration, versus a skeptical public.

Rumors surrounding another impending water crisis have been slowly gaining strength.

on Friday NBC24 hit the streets of Toledo to ask residents whether or not they trust the city's water. And for the most part the answer was a resounding no.

Residents we talked to say they don't care what city officials have to say, because when it comes to the cityâ??s drinking water, theyâ??re not buying it.

Water plant administrator Andrew McClure says he understands the public's basic distrust of city water--but insists there is nothing to worry about

McClure says city officials have placed monitors in Lake Erie to track the growth and movement of algae blooms. If one were to ever threaten the city intake again they would know, and would adjust the strength of water treatment chemicals accordingly. He says for now residents can rest assured knowing there's no immediate threat to the city's water supply; and if there ever was one, one city officials will be much better prepared.