Residents spot possible tornadoes in Southeast Michigan

Wood Rd. in Erie, MI facing northwest to Ida, MI.

Numerous residents in Southeast Michigan have reported spotting tornadoes on Thursday night.

Pictures of what appears to be a tornado shows a funnel cloud nearing the ground in Ida and across Monroe County, Michigan.

It is unclear whether the tornadoes spotted were just one, spotted from different viewpoints, or multiple tornadoes.

The National Weather service will be determining those facts in the coming days as they assess the damage.

Authorities with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office say they received numerous calls during the storms.

According to the Monroe Evening news, only one home in Ida along the 7700 block of Ida Center Rd between Lewis and Geiger Roads was damaged.

The same system damaged a number of houses and commercial buildings in Dexter, Michigan but no deaths or injuries have been reported so far.

Video shot by our NBC affiliate in Detroit captured damaging hail, hitting the town just Northwest of Ann Arbor.

Authorities there are still determining how many structures were damaged or destroyed, though the footage shows at least two area businesses almost completely wiped out.

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