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      Residents take Level 3 snow emergency in stride

      Toledo resident Nate McKinney says the Level III snow emergency declared for Lucas County on Sunday is probably a good idea. "When we had the snow that fell last week I was driving in Northwood and cars were spinning out and going through red lights so it's probably a good idea for people to stay in," McKinney said.

      A Level III Snow Emergency is for all roads and streets in Lucas County, including state, county and township roads and all city streets. This declaration does not apply to traffic on the Ohio Turnpike, but does apply to all other roads and streets in Lucas County.

      This means that no person except operators of public safety vehicles on duty or otherwise responding to an emergency; and essential news media personnel, including reporters, support, and production employees; health care and other emergency personnel; and essential employees of critical infrastructure facilities, may drive on roads and streets in Lucas County. All others traveling on the roadways might be subject to arrest. All public safety employees must report to work as scheduled.

      The Level III snow emergency is expected to be lifted at noon on Monday.