Residents weigh in on wind turbine turbulence

All was quiet on the Bowling Green countryside, just the way residents like Jason McCoy like it. You really get used to them, you don't see them as a bother.

Not a bother isn't the first thing that comes to mind at the sight of these four 30 story high wind turbines that turn all throughout the day and night. It was the noise these turbines could potentially create that had residents in Riga up in arms. But McCoy, who lived in this home long before the turbines were installed, say it's hardly an issue.

Occasionally if the wind blows right you can actually hear the blades cutting through the wind... A whoosh sound, McCoy said. Not a big deal now, but it was a cause of concern for some neighbors who, like people in Riga, were not too thrilled about the turbines moving into their backyards.

Residents in Riga Township voted Wednesday on a controversial proposal to build 200 wind turbines in town. The plan hit a speed bump, in part because of an ordinance passed by town members who asked that the noise barrier extend to the property line, not the front door.