Restroom foul: Americans not properly washing hands

The 2012 Healthy Handwashing Survey results are in: Most Americans are not properly washing their hands.

The fourth-annual survey conducted by

Bradley Corporation

studied 1,046 Americans from August 1-3 about their hand washing habits as they exit the restroom.

The results show that 57% of Americans wash their hands between 5 and 15 seconds, which is below the recommended minimum of 20 seconds by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although 70% of those surveyed said they always remember to wash their hands, 29% sometimes skip out on rinsing their paws. Only 1% said they always neglected to rinse.

Top reasons the study listed for not washing include using hand sanitizer instead, and no soap or paper towels in the restroom. Smelly bathrooms, clogged toilets, and unkempt facilities were also to blame.

74% of Americans also reported observing people skip out on washing their hands in public restrooms while that figure dips to 42% in the workplace.

The CDC recommends soap and water are most effective to eliminate bacteria as opposed to hand sanitizers. A majority 84% of parents said they planned to teach children healthy hand-washing habits in preparation for the new school year.

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