Revving up the efficient engine business

Efficient auto engine inventor Doug Pelmear is ready to take his motor to the production line.

He wants to start his business in Northwest Ohio as soon as May.

"A true win is to see Americans back to work, see my products driving down the road," said Palmear.

He wants to start making the HP2g not in Detroit or Chicago but near his hometown of Napoleon.

"This is a great place to start," said Palmear. "I've grown up here, I went to school here and there's a lot of people that need jobs here."

That is one big reason area leaders are joining Pelmear in his business effort. Unemployment in counties like Henry is high.

"Last month it was 14.9% and the month before that it was 15," said Henry County Commissioner Rich Myers.

Though many of those people lost their jobs in the auto industry, the officials do not think they will turn down this new opportunity.

"I think that once the people understand and see what the potential is of it that it'll turn things around and make America strong in the auto industry again," said Myers.

Myers and others are working to get incentives and stimulus money to jump-start Palmear's company, no matter which county it ends up in.

"I think this is something that benefits all of us and I think we can all work together to make this happen in Northwest Ohio. And no matter where it lands it's going to benefit all of us," said Wauseon Mayor Jerry Dehnbostel.

Pelmear says his company will start in this area but he expects it to grow and change.

"Even Honda started as an engine company," he said.

This week, a big new development: pending patents for his Decel invention, the first of its kind, that will make diesel engines more efficient.

It is all happening right here in Northwest Ohio.

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