Ride green at the Detroit auto show

The Fiat 500S is one of several "green cars" auto show visitors can ride in during the AISIN Drive Green Experience.

Electric, hybrid, hydrogenâ??Take your pick on the track during the â??Drive Green Experienceâ?? at the North American International Auto Show.

From Chevy to Fiat and Toyota to Mercedes, Japanese auto parts supplier AISIN gives visitors the chance to ride in vehicles of the future starting Saturday, Jan. 19.

â??It's a chance to experience some technology that is not yet out in the streets,â?? said Jimi Begin, an AISIN representative.

One of the most popular cars at the test track is the Fiat 500S, which is the only car at the NAIAS that has a traditional engine that runs solely on gas and the only one with a manual transmission.

The Current Motors Super Scooter, an all-electric motorcycle that gets about 50 miles on a charge, is reportedly also a crowd favorite.

"With four wheel vehicles, it's how well are they going to run in extreme heat or extreme cold, there's been some issues with some of those vehicles," said Lauren Flangan, executive chair with Current Motors. "Ona scooter, no one is really going to drive in a really hot or really cold environment."

The Drive Green Experience is set up on the lower level of Cobo Center in the Michigan Hall. While visitors will not be able to actually test drive any of the vehicles, they can still ride in the passenger seat and play with the on-board computers and ask questions to the experts.

(Joe Galli and Elizabeth Reed contributed to this report)