Right to work petition drive gains momentum

Wood County resident and Tea Party member John McAvoy is leading the charge to have Ohio become a right to work state. McAvoy is the statewide coordinator for a petition drive by Ohioans for Workplace Freedom to have a constitutional amendment put on the ballot in November of 2014. "The Workplace Freedom Amendment says you cannot be forced to join a union or pay a fee as a condition of employment," Mr. McAvoy says. McAvoy adds that the amendment does not seek to eliminate unions or collective bargaining.

The petition drive needs to collect 400,000 certified signatures by next July in order for the amendment to be on the November 2014 ballot. Pro-union forces in Toledo are now starting to mobilize. On Tuesday afternoon the 3 member Lucas County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution opposing the "Workplace Freedom" Amendment. Commissioner Carol Contrada says collective bargaining works in Ohio and that making Ohio a right to work state would be bad for public and private sector workers. "What won't work is the right to work legislation; it will not improve employment in Ohio nor will it lead to lower unemployment in the state," Commissioner Contrada says.

McAvoy's team of volunteers has already collected more than 18,000 signatures in Lucas County alone and says the movement is picking up more and more supporters on a daily basis. "I guarantee the support of conservatives and many of the elected officials around the state, because when you present them with the freedom versus forced freedom wins every time," Mr. McAvoy said.