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      Road to recovery paved on Self Injury Awareness Day

      March 1 is annually recognized as Self Injury Awareness Day, and the movement hopes to inspire those struggling to seek available help.

      If you didnâ??t already know about Self Injury Awareness Day, log onto Facebook and you will be introduced with a long list of real-life accounts of depression, addiction, cutting and suicide. An orange wristband is a sign that help is available.

      Counselors Robert Franklin and Prentis Holmes have each spent over 16 years treating adults and children for issues relating to depression, addiction and self-harm at Toledoâ??s Rescue Incorporated. The counseling and crisis care center is open 24 hours a day for emergency calls and appointments for those in need of help for a variety of psychiatric conditions.

      â??Itâ??s not the end of the road,â?? said Franklin, who is in his 19th year of service with Rescue Inc. He continued, â??We try and teach different kinds of coping skills.â??

      Although every case is different, many patients have symptoms related to depression, often a result of their current lifestyle or environment. Many opt to not seek treatment because of societal stigmas.

      â??Some people may look at us as a sign of weakness, but really theyâ??re taking care of their well-being.â??

      Kids especially may remain silent while going through hardships. Counselors urge parents to find help if they notice unusual signs or changes in their childâ??s behavior. Rescue Incorporated is located at 3350 Collingwood Blvd. and can be reached at 419-255-9585.