Robbery Victims End Up Arrested On Drug Charges

      Robbery Victims end up under arrest themselves / WNWO

      T wo Sandusky men, who originally called police to report an aggravated robbery, ended up behind bars on Friday morning.

      M ichael Wright and Cooper Wallrabenstein were both booked on drug charges, after calling police to a home on Forest Drive in Sandusky just after midnight.

      A half hour earlier the pair were allegedly robbed and assaulted at gunpoint by 4 black men , all wearing dark clothing and bandanas covering their faces.

      The victims told authorities that a plasma TV, X-Box, video games and a phone were all stolen during the crime.

      D uring a search of the crime scene, a uthorities found 3 pipes used to smoke marijuana and several other related items.

      Investigators say the victims did admit the illegal items were theirs.

      The men were then into custody.