Robert Jobe's Mother Testifies on His Behalf

Robert Jobe's mother testified for the first time on her son's behalf. The accused cop killer's lawyers are trying to throw out his confession.

Robert Jobe's mother supports the defense who is trying to get her sons alleged confession thrown out before trial.

The 15 year old's words were recorded during questioning the night Detective Keith Dressel was fatally shot. In that recording Jobe said, "I had it in my hand in my coat pocket, and he grabbed a hold of me and grabbed a hold of my gun. That's when I pulled it out and just shot the dude"

The statement was allowed in an earlier hearing, but Jobe's lawyers say police violated their clients rights because they never got him a lawyer even after he requested one four different times. Instead, officers let Jobe talk with his mother. During the trial, she was asked if she was ever told by police that her son asked for a lawyer. Her response was "no."

Diane Jobe says a detective encouraged her get her son to talk.

"She told me it would go easier on him if he would cooperate with them and tell them what happened and that the judge would know that he cooperated."

The detective gave a different version.

"We have to make him aware of his rights. We call miranda," Detective James Couch said.

On his mom's advice, Jobe agreed to be interrogated.

Prosecutors questioned why Jobe's mom didn't ask her son about the officer who was killed hours earlier. When asked, Diane responded, "I already know by tv reports. What do you want me to tell you."

The judge will decide later whether a jury will be allowed to hear Jobe's words.