Rock out, save felines at â??Catstockâ??

Adoptable cats wait for breakfast at the Friends of Felines' Rescue Center.

Peace, love and cats? It might be a far cry from the message of Woodstock in the 60s, but the Friends of Felines' Rescue Center hopes "Catstock" will bring the community together to support their goal of reducing homelessness and abuse.

The Catstock Carnival and Concert features carnival food and snacks, family fun and a concert starring the "Singing TV Guy," Mike Chamberlin. The shelter will also provide tours and introduce adoptable cats to prospective owners.

The event lasts from 2:30-6:30 p.m. on Sept. 22 and will be held outdoors at the rescue center, located at 14597 Power Dam Road in Defiance. Tickets for food and games will be sold at $5 for 10.

Catstock benefits the non-profit, no-kill Friends of Felines' shelter, which allows stray cats and kittens to live cage free while they wait to find their forever home. The shelter runs on private donations and receives no local or federal government funding.

"We take in injured, orphaned, unwanted kitties and help them get better and fully vaccinated, and then they're put up for adoption," said Jacci Moss, director of the shelter.

Cats from Friends of Felines' Rescue Center

Friends of Felines' has captured the hearts of animal lovers all over the world by broadcasting their cats' daily lives online with a webcam. The "Kitty Cam" has reached more than 3.5 million views.

"The U Stream was just to make friends around the world and to have people get to know our cats, to bump up our adoptions, and also to help educate about cat care," Moss said.

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