Romney and Ryan rally in Findlay

Romney suggested that Findlay "May decide who the next president is." He urged Ohio to vote.

Long lines of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan supporters wrapped around the Koehler Athletic Complex Sunday at the University of Findlay. The crowd was excited to hear from their Republican candidates.

"I'm excited to know that we're gonna have another president soon," said Carl Ramey. He continued, "Mitt Romney will bring us out of the mess we're in right now."

The already frenzied crowd was warmed up by the piano ballads of Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik, who changed his lyrics "We've only got a hundred years," to "We've only got nine more days." Country star John Rich also performed a series of hits, including a cover of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire."

Ohio Senator Rob Portman introduced Romney's running-mate Paul Ryan shortly before 5 p.m. Ryan attacked the Obama Administration for poor results during the past four years.

"He can't run on the fact that there are 23 million Americans struggling for work today," said Ryan. "One in six of our fellow citizens are living in poverty today."

When Mitt Romney took the stage, he continued to address what he called a failure by President Obama to present a viable plan to rebuild the middle class.

Romney noted, "We had three presidential debates and of course a vice presidential debate. Was he able to lay out a plan to get the economy going and create jobs?" Romney responded along with the crowd, "No!"

Romney suggested that Findlay "May decide who the next president is." He urged Ohio to vote.

"We're counting on you," said Romney. "I need you to get out there and do what's necessary to get America back."

With only nine days to go until the November 6th election, polls in Lucas County show both candidates share about 47 percent of the vote.

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