Romney supporters at Obama rally

Mitt Romney supporters verbally clash with Obama supporters while they wait for the President's arrival to Scott High School Monday.

Law enforcement officials kept a close watch at some of the more heated participants as names were called and middle fingers were brandished by Obama supporters.

"It all resorted to yelling. Most people aren't yelling facts. They're yelling 'four more years,' and that's all. I really saw a very large lack of facts from the Obama supporters here today. It seems like most people don't even know why they're supporting him," said Mitt Romney supporter Patrick Richardson.

The Romney supporters remained more subdued, stating statistical facts and repeating unemployment numbers and national debt.

Some Obama supporters went so far as to call a Romney supporter, who was black, things like "sell out" because he wasn't supporting a black president.

"I was called an 'uncle tom,' a racist, 'Clarence Thomas.' I'm used to these things. It doesn't bother me. I'm going to sit here and present you with the facts," says Kenneth Harbin who is an African-American Romney supporter.

He said that being and African-American Republican in Toledo isn't and easy thing to be, but believes the facts support his reasoning.

"There's a lot of black people out here. I'm African-American, look at the African-American unemployment rate in this country. It's ridiculous."

Romney supporters say that Candidate Obama made promises that President Obama hasn't kept.

"He said if he doesn't get the job done in four years, he's looking at a one-term proposition, I believe was what he said. He promised to cut the national debt in half, it's been tripled. The economy is worse than ever," says Richardson

After the President's arrival, both groups that were not going in to see the speech quietly and peacefully dispersed.