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      Rossford emergency officials say trains blocking railroad crossings is a safety risk

      Chief Goss says he hopes it will open a line of communication between the city and rail company.

      In recent weeks, Rossford police have been writing traffic tickets, not to drivers, but to rail company CSX.

      "Trains are blocking our railroad crossing," explained Rossford police chief Glenn Goss. And they take their time moving. "3 hours, 4 hours, even 27 hours. We've had trains blocking the railroad crossings," said Chief Goss.

      According to Rossford police, trains block crossing like the one on Glenwood Road often. It's not just a headache for drivers, but officials say it's also a safety risk. "If you stumble upon that, you may be wasting time you may or may not have," said Rossford Fire Chief Josh Drouard.

      Chief Drouard said the trains could leave first responders with only one route to some emergencies. "Potentially, blocked crossings are going to impact our response times by delaying us, especially if we have to circumvent all three crossings which is Glenwood Road, Lime City Road and Bates Road. That only leaves us one avenue, which is the expressway to get to the southern most part of our district. That would create a lengthy delay," Drouard said.

      Officials say emergency crews haven't faced a fatal delay, but the police chief says he will issue tickets to pressure the rail line to keep the crossings clear. There's not much more he can do.

      "A court ruling from the federal 6th district court years ago had ruled that municipalities in states did not have jurisdiction over rail traffic," explained Chief Goss.

      So if the tickets can't be enforced, what's the point? Chief Goss says he hopes it will open a line of communication between the city and rail company.

      NBC 24 called and emailed CSX asking for comment, but so far haven't heard back from them.