Rossford residents petition roundabout

A copy of the ordinance residents are petitioning.

Rossford, Ohio (WNWO)-- Back in February Rossford City Council voted 5-1 and approved the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Lime City and Colonel Road at Dixie Highway.

Now, residents are fighting back with a petition to pause the ordinance which is planned to be delivered Tuesday night.

While many agree the road does see a lot of traffic, not everyone thinks the roundabout is the right answer.

A study done by the Rossford Police Department shows that 9 accidents occurred at the intersection in 2016, putting it in the top three of locations in Rossford with the most accidents per intersection, but not the highest.

In addition, many seem to be worried about the size of the rounadbout and are concerned that it won't be able to fit the larger vehicles, such as fire trucks and semis.

Councilman Robert Ruse says residents don't need to worry about sizing because those issues were addressed in a meeting Monday, showing how bigger vehicles would navigate the 130 foot roundabout.

Taxpayers also expressed concern over the cost; the total project is expected to total at around 2.4 million dollars.

$600,000 of that money will come from grants, which is why the city says they need to act sooner rather than later before the grant money is gone.

The leftover 1.3 million is still a concern, as most likely it will translate to some sort of taxpayer funds.

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