Rossford student loses scholarship opportunities after suspension

<font size="2">Ball can't compete in this wrestling tournament to get college scholarships.</font>

A Rossford High School student's wrestling dreams are in jeopardy because of what he did and how the school district responded.


he OSHAA D-2 wrestling sectional tournament is underway between the weekend of Feb. 14 in Bowling Green. But one wrestler is missing. "It was my dream to wrestle on that podium and wrestle in college. But, I can't stand on the podium now and the chances for college are a little bit slimmer," said Rossford High School senior, CJ Ball.


all went to a high school basketball game at Lake High School using chewing tobacco."If I knew I couldn't do that at Lake High School, I wouldn't have walked in and sat in the front row," explained Ball.

Ball is 18 and old enough to buy and use the product, but Rossford school's policy states " a student shall not possess, use, transmit, conceal, or show evidence of the use of tobacco while on school property or at a school-sponsored activity."

The district says violation of the policy carries a suspension, which is what happened to ball. The 18-year-old was suspended for three days and taken off the wrestling team for four weeks.

That means, Ball can't compete in this wrestling tournament to get college scholarships.

Students at Rossford High School made t-shirts showing their support for a person they call a 'good guy getting a harsh punishment."

The 18-year-old says he'll weigh his future options after he graduates from Rossford High School. However, Ball and his mother are hoping some college will give the wrestling student a chance.