Route 66 can reopen, months after wild shootout

It was the shot heard round the neighborhood.

We were hoping that it would stay closed, said Robin Rainey, a Toledo resident who near the Route 66 on Westwood Ave. The bar has been closed since the October incident, but a judge ruled Monday that it may reopen.

We're happy that we're gonna be open Thursday, said Mark Robinson, the Route 66 bar owner TMs attorney.

The bar owner TMs attorney presented a security plan in court in an attempt to ease worried minds about the safety of Route 66. We are going to have off duty Toledo Police Officers in the parking lot providing security on the weekends, said Robinson.

Besides weekend police presence, the bar owner purchased hand held, metal detecting wands that every patron will be scanned with before coming in.

He was more than willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that he has a safe bar, said Robinson.

Since the shootout and subsequent closing of the bar, the owner has been meeting with city prosecutors and the chief of police to put the security plan in place, of course none of that seems to matter a ton to Robin who says she just wants to get some rest.

It's just so noisy, you can't sleep or anything. There was always partying and loud music and we was just hopin it would stay shut down.

Marquese Robbins and Lashon Sawyer have been charged in the October 8 shooting. No one was injured in the incident.