Rudolph offering special postmark for holidays

Mail at the Rudolph, Ohio post office / file photo

The little Wood County village famous for its special holiday themed postmark will once again offer to stamp your Christmas and holiday cards with Rudolph's special seal.

Starting December 1, the Rudolph, Ohio post office will accept your pre-stamped Christmas cards for special cancellation. Place the sealed and pre-stamped cards in a manilla envelope and mail them to Postmaster, 14018 Mermill Road, Rudolph, OH, 43462. The post office will affix the cancellation and mail the cards.

All mail brought to the post office as well as that dropped in the outside mailbox will also get the Rudolph holiday cancellation.

The cancellation bears a picture of the iconic reindeer, Rudolph. The point of cancellation is Reindeer Station, Rudolph, OH 43462.

Rudolph himself will make an appearance at the post office on Friday, December 16 through December 18 from 11:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m. The Postal Service invites people to bring their children for pictures with Rudolph for $5.00. Sweatshirts bearing the Rudolph holiday cancellation stamp will be on sale as well.