Safe Streets Special takes bite out of illegal activity in Toledo

The Toledo Police Strategic Response Bureau includes Toledo's Gang Unit.

A special operation aimed at reducing illegal activity in the city of Toledo brought dozens of people and thousands of dollars in illegal drugs to a stop this week.

The Toledo Police Strategic Response Bureau, which includes officers from the Toledo Police Department's Vice Narcotics, Gang Unit, and SWAT, conducted a Safe Streets Special Enforcement Action Aug. 27 though 29. The operation was aimed at reducing violence and drug dealing within the city.

Officials say 25 search warrants were executed in the operation, leading to the arrests of 26 people on a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges.

Items seized in the operation include:

Four firearms

$3,650 in US currency

$24,200 in heroin

$32,990 in marijuana

$1,810 in crack cocaine

$930 in prescription narcotics

Overall, $59,930 in illegal drugs were seized.