Sandusky Co. jail deputies' fates now in sheriff's hands

The Sandusky County sheriff will determine punishment for deputies accused in jail scandal.

Hearings for two of the deputies under investigation for sexually oriented misbehavior at the Sandusky County jail took place on Monday morning.

Deputy Charles Pump waved his right to a hearing, leaving his fate in the sheriff's hands. Deputy Franklin Kaiser's hearing lasted two hours with Sandusky County Jobs and Family Services director Cindy Bilby. She told WNWO she would have her report to the sheriff by the end of the week.

The sheriff will decide what disciplinary actions, if any, should be taken.

Both deputies are accused of interacting with an inmate while she performed sexual acts on herself. The alleged victim wrote in a statement that she is mentally ill and was "off her meds" at that time.

Deputy Joshua Smith was also placed on paid administrative leave after the January incident.