Sandusky man fatally stabbed, house set on fire

An autopsy will be performed on Thursday.

Sandusky Police are investigating who's responsible for allegedly fatally stabbing a man and setting his house on fire.

Officials identified the victim as 86-year-old George Martin. Sgt. Dana Newell of the Sandusky Police Department is the lead investigator of the case.

"When we got to the scene we went to the basement and observed that the victim had multiple stab wounds," Sgt. Newell said.

Sandusky fire fighters discovered a body in the basement after putting out the fire at 2201 Campbell St.Tuesday evening. Officials described the fire as "suspicious," and called homicide detectives out to the scene.

Police theorize that Martin was stabbed to death and the killer purposely set fire to the home to cover up the murder. Sgt. Newell says information obtained by police indicates Martin may have known his killer.

"What we have been able to get so far is that he may have known the culprit," Sgt. Newell said.

On Wednesday afternoon, agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification were at the scene gathering evidence and interviewing neighbors.

Martin's remains are in the custody of the Lucas County Coroner. An autopsy will be performed on Thursday.