Sandusky waives hearing, lawyer says it's not admission of guilt

Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, seen here after his arrest last month, waived his right to a hearing Tuesday. / Source: AP

Jerry Sandusky's lawyer calls the decision to waive a preliminary hearing a "tactical measure" to head off a repeat of the child sex - abuse allegations his client faces.

Joseph Amendola says having the allegations repeated "really would have left us with the worst of all worlds."

The decision to waive the hearing moves Sandusky , formerly the defensive coordinator for the Penn State University football team, toward a trial on child sex-abuse charges. At least some of his 10 accusers had been expected to testify at Tuesday's hearing.

Sandusky told reporters as he left the courthouse that he would "stay the course, to fight for four quarters." He says the defense would present their side later.

Sandusky's arraignment is set for Jan. 11, according to CNN.

Michael Boni, the attorney for one of the alleged victims, told CNN he had not spoken with his client, but expected that all of the accusers probably felt relief that they did not have to take the stand for the hearing.

"They have achieved the same result as they would have if they had to testify," CNN quoted Boni as saying.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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